2017 Expanded Year End Tax Planning

27 Nov 2017 | Under Tax News, Tax Planning | Posted by | 0 Comments

Here is more information on how to plan for this and next year’s tax savings. (Click here for the?
summary version.)

As you may be aware Congress appears poised to enact a major tax reform law that could potentially
make fundamental changes in the way you and your family calculate your federal income tax bill,
and the amount of federal tax you will pay.? Please keep in mind that this letter describes only some
of the year-end moves that should be considered in light of the tax reform package currently before
Congress?which, it bears emphasizing, may or may not actually become law.

One thing is for sure, next year will bring such change. We are expecting lower capital gain rates,
lower tax rates, possible repeal of the alternative minimum tax, elimination of some deductions,
and possible estate tax changes or even a repeal. While considering likely 2018 changes into
2017 year-end decisions makes sense, it?s important not to weight them excessively.

While little happened in the way of tax legislation in 2017, there are certain tax breaks from
which you may benefit and certain strategies that can be employed to help minimize taxable
income and your federal tax liability.

For more information, advice, and tax-planning,

Download the PDF of our full tax letter below.